ACCRA, GHANA — Olam Agri was voted the “Best Company in Agri-Business” at the Association of Ghana Industries’ 11th Ghana Industries and Quality Awards 2022.

The company received the award for its role in enhancing sustainable growth in agricultural development within the country by ensuring best practices along the value chain.

"We are elated about this award. At Olam Agri, we are passionate about the development of agriculture and agri-business. We believe that the sustainability of our economy is largely dependent on the sustainable growth of the agriculture industry,” said Amit Agrawal, county head of Olam Agri in Ghana. “Through our continued collaboration with the government and various development agencies, we intend to do more to transform the agriculture sector to make it more future proof. This recognition, I believe, will go a long way toward reaffirming our commitment to this great course."

The Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) has more than 1,200 members, comprising small, medium, and large-scale manufacturing and service industries in agro processing (food and beverages), agri-business, pharmaceuticals, electronics and electrical, telecommunications, information technology, utilities, service industries, transport, construction, textiles, garments, and leather, banking, and advertising.

The annual awards ceremony is designed to recognize excellence and innovation by member companies and honor its members for their outstanding performances within the year under review. This year’s ceremony was held on the theme “Leveraging Public-Private Collaborations to facilitate Business Recovery.”

Olam Agri has worked with various development partners and government agencies to support the production of local rice through various capacity-building initiatives for farmers. The company is also providing farmers with high-quality seeds to help in the production of standard rice grains which are well-processed and packaged to meet consumers’ expectations.

The company is currently trading domestic rice under the brand Mama Gold, providing ready markets to farmers, generating employment in farming communities, and contributing significantly to the growth of local rice production in the country.

In its effort to ensure the well-being of its stakeholders, Olam Agri’s Grains business, in collaboration with local regulatory authorities and medical professionals, has also launched a medical program (My Healthy Baker), which offers free screening exercises for bakers across the country to ensure food safety within their communities.

Olam Agri is a market leading, differentiated food, feed and fiber agri-business with a global origination footprint, processing capabilities and understanding of market needs built over 33 years. Olam Agri is a fully owned subsidiary of Olam Group.