THEVENARD, AUSTRALIA — Viterra’s first grain shipment of the 2022-23 season from its Thevenard, Australia, port terminal carried 24,000 tonnes of South Australian wheat and heralded a pair of significant achievements for the agribusiness company.

Viterra said this initial shipment is part of 7 million tonnes of forward shipping booked for grain delivered into its network this season by 18 exporters, both record numbers.

“To break two export records for our grower customers this season is fantastic and really shows the industry’s confidence in our network and demand for the grain within it,” said James Murray, chief operations officer, Viterra. “In total we have over 45 buyers in our system, and so far this season, 23 are posting prices and/or have bought grain.”

Exporters have also requested to book 27 million tonnes of shipping capacity over the next five years from Viterra’s ports.

Growers have begun harvesting and delivering barley, wheat, lentils, peas, canola and faba beans, and Viterra is prepared for an increase in traffic once the weather improves, Murray said. 

Eastern Australia, in particular, has been hit by heavy rains that have led to flooding and harvest delays.

“Our sites and our people are ready to go. We work with growers year-round, and we will continue to do that during harvest with a focus on providing a valuable and efficient service during one of their busiest times of year,” Murray said.