HAMLIN, IOWA, US — Construction is underway for a new feed mill in Hamlin, Iowa, US, that is joint venture between Landus and AMVC.

Concrete structures for the mill, which is expected to be fully operational in summer 2024, were poured using a slipform process. The 145-foot mill took eight consecutive days to construct, rising 20 feet per day. The roof is expected to be poured throughout the winter.

Once complete, the project will enter the next construction phase, adding milling and mixing equipment and warehouse space. The project broke ground in August.

“We are excited to see this project come to fruition as it will add long-term economic and agricultural value to Audubon County and surrounding areas,” said Steve Schmitz, veterinarian and managing partner of AMVC Management Services. “The Hamlin feed mill allows AMVC and our clients more control over ingredient sourcing, quality assurance, and biosecurity, and creates an additional market for area crop producers.”

The feed mill will produce up to 400,000 tonnes of swine feed per year, generating demand for roughly 8.5 million bushels of corn and 48,000 tonnes of soybean meal annually. Once the project is complete, the mill will create 22 additional jobs — eight full-time mill employees and 14 local truck drivers.

“This investment into our nutritional program will provide cost savings and performance benefits for area pigs and enables us to better serve local swine operations,” said Trey Kellner, swine nutritionist and managing partner of AMVC Nutritional Services. “AMVC, Landus, and project partners, Empire Ag, KC Engineering, and Agriculture Solutions International, have been drafting and designing the mill for over a year. It is exciting to see those efforts become a reality.”

Through this partnership, AMVC will own and operate the feed mill. Landus will be responsible for originating grain through its network of local farmer-owners.

“Our collaboration with AMVC showcases what’s possible when partners work together with an optimized approach to serving our local communities,” said Matt Carstens, president and chief executive officer, Landus. “The Hamlin facility provides additional grain origination, marketing and storage opportunities for Landus farmer-owners in western Iowa, keeping 8.5 million bushels of grain local. And all this was brought to life through an improved feed model that better serves both partners.

"AMVC will experience better control of their long-term biosecurity and traceability needs while Landus can focus on sourcing quality grain from our farmer-owners. Landus continues to seek responsible and impactful investment opportunities into insights and infrastructure, giving our farmer-owners access to more value in the supply chains in which they participate.”