LONDON, ENGLAND — Bunge Ltd. is seeking to expand its barter portfolio to reinforce its grain sourcing position in Brazil with a new investment in Brazilian seed supplier SEEDCORP|HO.

Bunge, along with Advanta Seeds UK (part of UPL Ltd.), each have agreed to acquire a 20% stake in SEEDCORP|HO. SEEDCORP|HO was established in 2017 in partnership between GDM, Produtiva Sementes, and Sipar. It is a soy genetics company with an integrated seed platform and its own genetic improvement program. The company operates in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina.

“With this transaction we will further solidify the relationship with our partners during harvest planning,” said Rossano de Angelis Jr., vice president of agribusiness at Bunge. “Combined with our technical expertise and market knowledge, we will be able to advise on the adoption of seed varieties that best meet demand, including meeting the demand for more sustainable solutions with a focus on reducing the carbon footprint of the entire growing process.”

In addition, the investment will expand the portfolio of products and services to be offered by Origeo, a recently formed joint venture between Bunge and UPL. The Origeo joint venture provides “complete and sustainable solutions” to farmers in Brazil, according to the companies.

Advanta Seeds said the investment in SEEDCORP|HO underscores its commitment to supporting every stage of the agricultural process, from sowing to post-harvest.

“As we continue to grow our global footprint, this investment will not only expand our market access in Brazil but also strengthen our product portfolio as SEEDCORP|HO is Brazil’s third largest soybean germplasm company,” said Bhupen Dubey, chief executive officer of Advanta Seeds.