LOCHEM, NETHERLANDS — ForFarmers N.V. supervisory board has nominated Theo Spierings as chief executive officer.

An extraordinary general meeting of shareholders is expected to take place in January 2023 to approve the appointment.

Spierings, 58, has significant experience in agriculture, starting with a study in food technology at the HAS in Den Bosch (the Netherlands) and a master’s degree in business administration from Glasgow University. He began his career at Friesland Foods in 1986, where he led the merger with Campina as CEO several years later. From 2011-19, Spierings was CEO of Fonterra, the world player in the dairy industry located in New Zealand.

Since then, he has helped companies transform and do business in a sustainable manner. He launched The Purpose Factory, a consultancy firm that focuses primarily on sustainably transforming enterprises operating in the agricultural sector.

“He has impressive international experience in the dairy industry as well as great drive and expertise to help the agricultural sector be future proof and at the same time become more environmentally sustainable,” said Jan van Nieuwenhuizen, chairman of the supervisory board of ForFarmers. “During his career he has led many transformations or advised on such processes. His energy and decisiveness and at the same time his focus on making connection with people around him, are characteristic of his way of working.”

Spierings said the agricultural sector is innovative and progressive and it plays an important role in the food chain.

“It is of great importance to optimize this chain and make it even more sustainable,” he said. “I therefore look forward to taking on this task and helping to realize this.”

Spierings would replace Chris Deen, who is stepping down as CEO on Feb. 1, 2023, due to health reasons.