CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA — Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) has named its three winners for the Elevator of the Year 2021-22 crop year: Paterson Flagstaff (Outbound Grain - Canada), G3 Carmangay (Inbound Grain - Canada), and Elbow Lake Co-op Grain (United States). 

CP presents this award annually to grain elevators that achieve high volumes from a single loading point while consistently demonstrating efficient railcar loading and a strong commitment to safety. CP issued a special recognition to G3 Carmangay this year for handling significant amounts of inbound corn to feed livestock. 

Award runners-up were Parrish & Heimbecker Weyburn (Canada) and Wheaton Dumont Co-op Elevator Tenney (US).

“These elevators are leaders in their field and are helping farmers in Canada and the US supply the world with high-quality products,” said Joan Hardy, vice president of sales and marketing grain and fertilizers at CP. “CP is proud to recognize the people that operate these elevators for their dedication and perseverance during challenging conditions. They helped to find innovative solutions when the Western Canadian grain crop was the smallest in over a decade due to severe drought throughout the prairies.”

Paterson Flagstaff in Daysland, Alberta, Canada, is a first-time winner of the CP Elevator of the Year award. Paterson Flagstaff is a leading 8,500-foot High Efficiency Product (HEP) train-capable facility that has shown efficient and safe practices with each unit-train loaded at the site. The Flagstaff elevator moved an impressive amount of grain during the 2021-22 crop year, CP noted.

G3 Carmangay in Carmangay, Alberta, features an 8,500-foot HEP-train-capable loop track that opened in 2020, and in the last crop year was able to become an important source of meeting surging demand for cattle feed in Western Canada.

Elbow Lake Co-op Grain in Elbow Lake, Minnesota, US, also helped sustain Western Canadian cattle during the 2021-22 drought by shipping almost 200,000 tonnes of corn to Canada as a portion of their strong shipping program. Elbow Lake Co-op Grain is a first-time winner of CP’s Elevator of the year award as well.

CP serves 235 grain elevators in Canada and 175 in the United States. This year, CP is completing its $500 million investment to acquire 5,900 new high-capacity grain hopper cars as part of the company’s commitment to the agriculture sector. Including leased hoppers within CP’s fleet,CP grain customerscan expect to see more than 7,300 new high-capacity hoppers in active service by the end of 2022, enabling the transportation of more grain in each train.