AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – Corbion, Amsterdam, funded 10% of the cost of a cover crop program established by Cargill, Minneapolis, Minnesota, US, through a partnership with the Practical Farmers of Iowa. Cargill works with corn growers near Corbion’s plant in Blair, Nebraska, US, to implement sustainable farming practices such as cover crops.

The dextrose in the corn from the farmers’ fields serves as raw material input for Corbion.

“The future of our business, and that of our customers, depends in part on regenerative agriculture practices in our supply chain,” said Diana Visser, senior director – sustainability at Corbion. “Without it, we will not be able to help meet the needs of the world in terms of a safe, nutritious food supply as well as mitigating the effects of climate change. Collaborations like this one led by Cargill are essential to creating an ongoing, sustainable food system.”

Cover crops improve soil health and quality by reducing soil erosion and by increasing biodiversity, according to Corbion. Cover crops also help to keep nitrogen bound in the soil where it supports crop production.

Through its partnership with Cargill, Practical Farmers of Iowa consults with farmers at no cost and helps connect them to additional resources such as field days and webinars. Over 200 farmers are enrolled, covering over 26,000 acres.