OAK BROOK, ILINOIS, US — Four leading independent agricultural organizations from Australia, Canada, the European Union, and United States announced on Oct. 5 that they have formed a collaborative initiative known as the Global Forum on Farm Policy and Innovation (GFFPI) to increase the sustainability of agriculture across the world. 

The purpose of the collaboration involving US-based Farm Foundation, the Australian Farm Institute, the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute, and EU-based Forum for the Future of Agriculture is to use existing evidence and emerging research to inform dialogue that can unlock new thinking and ideas, the groups said. 

In doing so, the organizations believe that they can increase knowledge and understanding of key gaps and opportunities to deliver better outcomes for more sustainable agriculture around the world.

“We know that key differences persist in approaches to sustainability across countries and that this type of collaborative initiative can help increase the understanding of gaps and opportunities,” said Shari Rogge-Fidler, chief executive officer of Farm Foundation. “We value collaborating with these independent organizations to help lead such important debates to enable solutions.”

The four organizations have been working together informally for the past year to better understand key issues and seek areas of alignment for collaboration. Leaders from the organizations recently convened in Oak Brook, Illinois, US, at Farm Foundation’s offices for the purpose of taking this further step in formalizing the collaboration.

In addition to aligning on the purpose statement, GFFPI envisions a set of shared activities for the coming year. These include collaborating on shared public dialogue on trade and sustainability in 2022-23. The organizations will look for ways to engage additional global voices and to connect their individual organizational activities associated with one of the key global drivers of sustainable agriculture.

Going forward, the partners also will seek to work with similar like-minded organizations around the world.

“We need to build a food and agriculture system that is more resilient and sustainable, and which realizes its potential as a climate solution,” said Janez Potočnik, chairman, Forum for the Future of Agriculture. “The Forum has long recognized that this cannot be done in isolation and today’s announcement is fully aligned with its objective of working with like-minded organizations around the world.

“From the pressure on environmental, as well as food, security and the climate crisis, the urgency to bring forward new thinking, ideas, and solutions has never been greater. This initiative will enable us to contribute with greater impact to that goal.”