CHATSWOOD, AUSTRALIA — The newly created Grains Australia Oat Council is accepting applications for oat industry representatives to join the Council.

Grains Australia said it invites applications from people with skills and experience across the Australian oat industry, including in research, breeding, production, trade and storage, grain handling or processing and consumers. The Oat Council is one of several commodity councils being established by Grains Australia to represent and provide advice to the board on behalf of individual grain commodities, including barley, oilseeds, pulses and wheat.

The purpose of Grains Australia’s commodity councils is to provide advice to help guide the organization’s strategic direction consistent with its delivery of its three key pillars — classification, trade and market access, and market information and education. Grains Australia’s Barley Council and Wheat Council are already in operation following completion of the merger with Barley Australia and the integration of Wheat Quality Australia. The new Grains Australia Oat Council will have responsibility for overseeing Australia’s oat classification system, identifying oat industry trade and market access priorities and any requirements for oat industry market information and education.

Andrew Young, interim chief executive officer of Grains Australia, said the Oat Council is the second commodity council to be established through an open call for Expressions of Interest.

“We are looking for people from across the breadth of the Australian oat industry — from breeding to customers — who can provide sound and strategic advice to Grains Australia on the unique needs and priorities of the industry,” Young said. “Membership of the Oat Council will be extended to individuals based on their skills and experience; their diversity in terms of gender, background, supply chain knowledge and geography; and of course, on the basis that they have a deep understanding of the Australian oat industry.”

Applicants are invited to fill out the EOI form online at theGrains Australia website before 5 p.m., Friday, Sept. 16.