WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA — The CBH Group announced on Nov. 6 the appointment of Lydia Rich as the new regional manager for the South East South Australia, Wimmera, Mallee and Western District.
Rich started in the role on Nov. 6 and is based in Horsham.
CBH Grain Senior Regional Manager for Eastern Australia Henry Carracher said Rich has strong experience in the grains industry, having previously worked with the Commonwealth Bank as an agribusiness executive based in Horsham.
"Lydia grew up on her family farm at Moulamein in southern New South Wales and completed a bachelor’s of agricultural business management from the Charles Sturt University in Orange," Carracher said. "Her background in agriculture and her local knowledge from her time with the Commonwealth Bank will place her in a great position to hit the ground running."
Rich said she is excited by the opportunities that CBH can provide and enhancing her knowledge of the constantly changing grain marketing environment.
"I am passionate about the agriculture industry and I am glad I have been able to stay within this field and remain in the local area," she said. "I am excited to take on a more grains focused role and have always regarded the CBH Group as an organization that growers regard highly.
"As part of my role I am looking forward to working closely with the growers in my region and look forward to meeting many growers during the harvest period."