ISTANBUL, TURKEY — Three ships carrying 58,041 tonnes of corn have been authorized to leave Ukraine on Aug. 5 as efforts continue to move more than 20 million tonnes of grain that has been stranded in storage due to the Russian blockade, Reuters reported.

The first ship carrying Ukrainian grain under a deal brokered by Turkey and the United Nations set sail from Odesa on Aug. 1 and arrived at the Bosphorus Strait 36 hours later.

Russia and Ukraine signed separate agreements on July 22 with Turkey and the UN clearing the way for Ukraine to export grain and other agricultural goods while allowing Russia to export grain and fertilizers. A Joint Coordination Centre (JCC) was opened July 27 to monitor the movement of commercial vessels to ensure compliance with the initiative.

The JCC said two ships would leave from Chornomorsk and one from Odesa on Aug. 5.

From Chornomorsk, the Polarnet would leave for Karasu in Turkey with 12,000 tonnes of corn and the Rojen would take 13,041 tonnes of corn to Teesport in Britain, Reuters said.

From Odesa, the Navistar would take 33,000 tonnes of corn to Ringaskiddy in Ireland.

A spokesperson for the regional administration of Odesa said late on Aug. 3 that a Turkish bulk carrier was to arrive at Ukraine’s Chornomorsk port on Aug. 5, the first ships to arrive at a Ukrainian port during Russia’s invasion, which began on Feb. 24.