WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — All five port grain terminals operated by G3 Canada Ltd. have been certified for 2021 by Green Marine, a voluntary environmental certification program for the North American maritime industry.

G3 operates port terminals in North Vancouver, British Columbia; Thunder Bay, Ontario; Hamilton, Ontario; Trois-Rivières, Quebec; and Québec City, Quebec. At a recent event in Montreal, Quebec, the G3 terminals, which all reported at or well above average for program participants, received their Green Marine Certifications for 2021.

With Green Marine, port terminals are assessed on their performance in the areas of greenhouse gases and air pollutants, spill prevention and stormwater management, dry bulk handling and storage, community impacts, environmental leadership and waste management. Participants are evaluated annually on a scale of 1 to 5.

The overall average for the 2021 environmental performance by Green Marine participants is 3. G3 terminals’ average scores ranged from 3 (“integrated management and quantified impacts”) to 5 (“excellence and leadership”).

G3’s port terminals have shown steady improvement in performance since becoming participants in Green Marine.

“G3 began with the vision of building a smarter path from farmers’ fields to global markets,” said Don Chapman, chief executive officer for G3. “This vision extends beyond our industry-leading efficiency moving grain quickly to market, to include environmental leadership as well. We are proud be part of Green Marine and congratulate the G3 port terminals’ staff on their continued achievements in the program.”