ADEN, YEMEN — Yemen plans to send a delegation to India next week with plans to secure wheat as strategic food stockpiles are running out, Reuters reported.

Yemen’s existing food stockpiles will last until the end of August, Mohammed al Ashwal, trade and industry minister, told Reuters. He said the delegation will try to finalize an agreement with India to import wheat.

In May, India banned wheat exports amid falling output and a surge in domestic prices. Since that time it has issued exemptions for certain countries.

It is not clear how much wheat Yemen hopes to buy from India or how soon it could be delivered, Reuters said.

The war in Ukraine and India’s ban could deepen Yemen’s hunger crisis and further increase food price inflation, which has doubled in two years in some parts of the country.

Yemen is in the midst of a seven-year conflict that has killed tens of thousands of people. The economy and basic services largely have collapsed and humanitarian assistance also has begun to dry up, Reuters said.