MALMO, SWEDEN — BoMill AB has introduced BoMill InSight, industrial grain sorting equipment that can sort grain lots at speeds up to 15 tph on each kernel’s internal properties.

Using near-infrared transmittance (NIR-T) spectroscopy, BoMill InSight reduces waste and loss of valuable quantities of grain while making industrial processes more efficient, the company said. It is scalable from 2 tph up to 15 tph

“We are globally facing challenges related to the grain supply as well as implementation of stricter regulations, which emphasizes the need for technologies that offer new capabilities,” said Andreas Jeppsson, chief executive officer. “I am excited to see the result from the development of our new BoMill InSight which offers the grain industry and food processors unique opportunities to capture the hidden value of grains while helping reduce waste in the value chain.”

BoMill InSight is now entering its industrial field-testing phase in collaboration with the Swedish grain mill Lilla Harrie Valskvarn, part of the Pågen Group, the market leading bakery in Sweden. The results of the field test will then pave way for the continued launch of the equipment.

In parallel, the company is ready to start promoting and selling BoMill InSight to its targeted markets.

A first order has already been received from GL. BUURHOLT, the leading mobile grain processor in Scandinavia. BoMill InSight will be installed with two sorting modules giving a capacity of up to 4 tph. The delivery is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.

The BoMill InSight brand illustrates the unique ability of the equipment to uncover what cannot be seen, by looking inside each single kernel and sorting each individual kernel according to its internal quality parameters, at industrial speed.

Its modular design, composed of a light and sturdy frame with up to eight sorting modules, allows an efficient set-up and installation to suit different configurations, low utility consumptions, simplified maintenance to maximize customers’ uptime and an upgradable capacity to suit customers’ future needs.