LITTLETON, COLORADO, US — Members and supporters of the Wheat Foods Council celebrated its 50th anniversary, reviewed accomplishments of the past year and seated new officers during its summer meeting June 20-23 in Littleton, Colorado, US.

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Wheat commissions from Kansas, Texas, Colorado, South Dakota and Nebraska created the council in May 1972 in response to wheat foods being criticized for containing a high proportion of carbohydrates. Other state wheat commissions joined, as did milling, baking and other allied industry companies.

The WFC continues to stand up for wheat’s nutritional values today. To educate personal trainers, the WFC in April 2020 began creating videos and sharing them through social media. The videos had achieved over 18 million views by personal trainers by June of this year.

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The WFC also conducted a chef workshop focused on the plant-based food trend at the Culinary Institute of America in April. In conjunction with the workshop, the WFC put on the Future of Food Forum that featured speakers addressing plant-based foods, sustainability and supply chain management.

Kent Juliot of Ardent Mills is the new chair for the WFC. Other new officers are Ron Suppes, Kansas Wheat Commission, vice chair; Mark Hotze, Corbion, treasurer/secretary; and Darby Campsey, Texas Wheat Producers, immediate past chair.