SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Emerald Group said on Nov. 20 that it has renewed its alliance with the Western Australian Farmers Federation (WAFarmers) in a move which will give Western Australian growers access to specialized grain marketing options.
The five-year extension of the partnership will see a range of innovative grain marketing and finance products rolled out to WAFarmers’ members and supportive growers.
Emerald Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Alan Winney said the partnership is a key component of Emerald’s commitment to provide a superior service to Western Australia’s grain growers.
“Emerald’s focus is on supporting grain growers and their communities which is why we’re pleased to renew our relationship with Western Australia’s largest farmer advocacy group. WAFarmers does a fantastic job making sure farmers can run their businesses without unnecessary costs, red tape or regulation,” Winney said. “In order to see their farm business develop, grain growers also need marketing and finance options geared to enhance their profits and meet their cash flow requirements.”
WAFarmers President Dale Park said the organization was pleased to continue its association with Emerald.
“The new partnership with Emerald means we can provide Western Australia’s grain growers with more choice in their grain marketing strategies and finance options,” Park said. “We’re looking forward to working with Emerald over the years ahead to deliver real benefit and value to our members and supporters.”
As part of the new arrangement:
• Emerald will develop products for WAFarmers members and supportive grain growers depending on growers’ needs. These could include pool, cash, contract, hedging or finance products.
• Emerald will become a Platinum sponsor of WAFarmers with key involvement in conferences and events.
• When appropriate, Emerald and WAFarmers will share information on grain industry issues in order to develop policies to benefit Western Australia’s growers.