UNITED ARAB EMIRATES — The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Economy on June 15 issued a ministerial decision suspending Indian wheat exports for four months. The suspension applies to all Indian wheat varieties (hard, ordinary and soft) as well as wheat flour as of May 13.

“This decision comes in view of the international developments that have affected trade flows, and in appreciation of the solid and strategic relations that bind the UAE and India, especially after the signing of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between the two countries and the Indian government’s approval to export wheat to the UAE for domestic consumption,” the Ministry of Economy said.

The Ministry of Economy said any companies wishing to export/re-export wheat and wheat flour varieties of Indian origin that were imported into the country before May 13 must submit a request to obtain permission to export outside of the UAE.

The ministry said export permits will be valid for 30 days from the date of issuance and must be submitted to the relevant customs department.