JEROME, IDAHO, US — Scoular announced on May 23 that it has expanded its feed blend facility in Jerome, Idaho, and in June will begin producing bypass protein products for its new partner, Papillon Agricultural Co.

Papillon, a Maryland-based company, manufactures bypass protein products in New York, Indiana and Wisconsin and is now expanding into the Pacific Northwest after partnering with Omaha, Nebraska, US-based Scoular because of its manufacturing expertise and knowledge of the local dairy and feed markets.

“Papillon is excited to provide tools to the marketplace that fit the nutritional and milk market objectives of the Pacific Northwest dairy industry,” said David Briggs, president of Papillon Agricultural Co.

The products will be available to Scoular customers and regional feed manufacturers for inclusion in feed mixes for dairy. Cory Doggett has recently joined Papillon as Northwest regional sales manager and will facilitate sales throughout the region.

“Papillon has a long history of delivering high quality products and services to dairy customers,” said Andy Hohwieler, Scoular regional manager. “We are excited to be partnering with them to deliver these products to the region.”