ASSUMPTION, ILLINOIS, U.S. — The GSI Group is planning a grain safety symposium with a one-day summit for bin manufacturers and a two-day industry core round up from March 22-24 at its Burl A. Shuler Learning Center in Assumption, Illinois, U.S.

The Grain Bin Safety Symposium on March 22 is specifically for steel bin manufacturing firms and supporting groups (engineers, contractors, suppliers). It will focus on potential new design parameters and standards for future grain handling systems, which will hopefully help reduce the number of grain entrapments the industry is experiencing. Cost is $200.

The Grain Industry Safety Symposium will take place March 23-24 and is for a broad coalition within the industry consisting of grain handlers, insurance groups, steel bin manufacturing firms, land grant universities and groups providing rescue training. It will focus on best management practices and new design parameters. Cost is $200.

Attend both sessions for a reduced cost of $300.

Registration is available