OMAHA, NEBRASKA, US – Scoular on March 31 launched a new website at its domain to feature women leading at the company and in the grain industry.

As it does each March, Scoular celebrated Women’s History Month with a robust set of activities to recognize and empower women at the company, as well as in the agricultural industry. The company focused its programming and celebrations around the theme of “Breaking Bias and Enabling Women to Lead.”

Scoular’s female-focused employee resource group, Scoular Women Influencing Culture (SWIC), sponsored the website to better highlight the women of Scoular’s efforts, leadership, and impact. The website spotlights women leading at Scoular, SWIC’s work, and news about and thought leadership by the women of Scoular. Women highlighted on the website will rotate throughout the year. The website can be found at this address.

“We are excited to spotlight in a new way some of the incredible women leading in so many different ways at our company, and the expansive impact they are making in our industry and communities,” said Megan Belcher, chief legal and external affairs officer and executive sponsor of SWIC.

“Scoular is a true incubator for imaginative and entrepreneurial talent, and we are delighted to share more about our unique and inclusive culture with all our stakeholders, including women looking to advance in our industry. We believe there is no better destination for women on the rise in the agricultural industry than at Scoular, and our new website highlights why.”

Scoular also is closing its Women’s History Month celebration with a $10,000 charitable donation by The Scoular Foundation to the 501(c)(3) Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS). MANRRS promotes academic and professional advancement by empowering minorities in agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences. Scoular’s donation will be earmarked for development and education programs for women of color focusing on their academic and professional advancement in the field of agriculture.