SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL — COFCO International Brasil SA has been awarded the rights to a new agriculture solid bulk terminal in the Port of Santos, one of the largest and busiest ports in Latin America.

According to COFCO, the 25-year lease on the STS11 terminal will expand its own port capacity in Brazil to 14 million tonnes once it’s fully operational in 2026. Also, as part of its lease agreement, COFCO said it will invest in the modernization and expansion of the terminal facilities.

“The investment will provide farmers more choices and create new opportunities for COFCO International Brasil SA to cooperate with local industry partners and logistics companies,” COFCO said.

COFCO said it sources agricultural commodities, including grains, oilseeds and sugar from more than 7,000 farmers and supports the development of a fully traceable and conversion-free soy supply chain.

“COFCO International Brasil SA is committed to the sustainable development of Brazilian agriculture, farmers and communities for the long term,” the company said.