ISTANBUL, TURKEY — Alapala Group’s Depart spare parts business is now offering e-commerce site,, for the purchase of parts.

Operating within a membership system, the site offers a smooth customer experience and special offers to celebrate its opening, the company said. Its first members will receive a 10% discount.

Members can have their spare parts needs met quickly with Depart’s door-to-door service.

Depart supports its customers across the world by offering a comprehensive range of professional services such as maintenance packages and remote connection systems in addition to quickly supplying affordable spare parts.

Running its operations within the largest spare part sales and distribution network in the milling industry, Depart adopts a business approach focused on customer satisfaction and quality with over 45 offices and three distribution centers across the globe.

“As a reliable and powerful business partner for millers around the world, the company enables its customers to make the most of their investments by offering them a wide inventory of spare parts, on-site and remote technical support, and training programs,” the company said.