BUDAPEST, HUNGARY — The Ministry of Agriculture in Hungary on March 6 announced new controls on grain exports.

Minister of Agriculture István Nagy said all wheat, rye, barley, oats, maize, soybeans and sunflowers intended for export must be registered with the National Food Chain Safety Authority, with the government having a purchase priority on them until May 15, 2022. Under terms of the decree, Nagy said the Hungarian government may exercise its right of pre-emption or purchase and may notify the applicant of its intention to exercise its rights within 30 days, if it is determined the export of the declared grain would endanger or jeopardize the security of domestic supply.

Nagy said the new controls were deemed necessary after grain market prices and feed prices have risen sharply due to the loss of Ukrainian crops from the market as a result of the war with Russia, coupled with increased demand for foreign purchases of Hungarian grain products due to fear of shortages.

He said the main role of the government is to protect Hungarian farmers and families from economic and supply problems.