LEVERKUSEN, GERMANY — Bayer's short-stature corn, a variety suited for withstanding high winds and other extreme weather conditions, is one step closer to farmers’ fields as hybrids advance to phase four development, the company said in its research and development update Feb. 16.

Standing one-third shorter than standard height corn hybrids, Bayer said the short-stature variety improves standability, including better greensnap and stalk lodging tolerance, to help reduce crop loss in challenging environmental conditions and extreme weather such as high winds. The shorter plants also will allow for more precise application of crop protection other farm chemical inputs such as nitrogen.

Bayer said the short-stature corn will be planted by 150 US farmers in a commercial trial in 2023, then released to the broader market in 2024, Reuters reported. Initial plantings will be from traditionally bred seeds.

Bayer sees potential peak sales of €1 billion ($1.13 billion) of its short-stature corn in North America alone by the 2030s.