SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — GrainGrowers said on Oct. 30 that it is calling for a united position in the interest of grain producers to ensure a sensible outcome for the Wheat Export Marketing Amendment Bill.
GrainGrowers is urging the Australian Federal Minister for Agriculture, Senator the Hon. Joe Ludwig, to convene a meeting for all state farming organizations to join GrainGrowers to agree on a solution going forward.
“There is a clear message from all growers groups that Wheat Exports Australia (WEA) as it currently stands has no role in the grains industry,” said Chris Kelly, GrainGrowers policy group spokesperson and Victorian grain producer. “While it is clear there is no role for WEA, it is also apparent that grain producers have concern with the future provision of industry good functions. There is particular concern over the quality standards of Australian wheat and the need to maintain integrity.
“GrainGrowers Policy Group believes industry good functions oversight needs to be managed through an independent body that provides real value to all Australian grain producers which is a separate discussion from the WEA debate.”
The ongoing debate and disagreement amongst producer groups is centered on what is the most appropriate way to develop and implement the correct ongoing industry good functions oversight.
“We call on all state farming organisations to join with GrainGrowers and government to agree on a solution in the best interests of all our grower members,” Kelly said.