WESTBOROUGH, MASSACHUSSETS, US – KPM Analytics, Inc., a Union Park Capital portfolio company, announced on Jan. 12 that it has acquired Bruins Instruments, a German-based manufacturer of high-resolution near-infrared (NIR) reflectance and transmission analyzers. Founded in 1979 by Hans Joachim Bruins, the company has a long history of manufacturing monochromators that became the core of the early near-infrared business for grain analysis.

KPM said the acquisition demonstrates its commitment to the NIR Analyzer market as the company continues to invest in near-infrared technology focusing on food ingredients and food products.

“With this acquisition, KPM Analytics has significantly enhanced its NIR line of product offerings,” said Brian Mitchell, chief executive officer, KPM Analytics. “The addition of Bruins Instruments complements our existing offerings and completes the KPM near-infrared line of products, from our QuickChek Analyzer Series to the industry-leading SpectraStar XT Analyzer Series.”

The acquisition strengthens KPM’s positions in agriculture, feed and food applications and increases customer options in easy-to-use food and grain analysis. With the addition of Bruins Instruments, businesses of all sizes will have the opportunity to analyze different compositions, such as moisture, oil or fat content, with highly accurate and reliable results in as little as a minute.

“For more than 40 years, we have worked to fulfill our mission of developing high quality and precision NIR spectrophotometers and NIR analyzers with high reliability,” said Ingrid Bruins, CEO of Bruins Instruments. “We are excited that this acquisition will provide the resources and greater reach to bring the Bruins product line to a larger market.”

Bruins said it is known for extensive experience in calibration to provide high accuracy and reliable results to the meat and food as well as grain and feed industries. By adding Bruins technology to its NIR Analyzer line, KPM offers more options in high-performance NIR instruments for grain, dairy and meat analysis. KPM said it intends to integrate the Bruins Instruments line into the company’s existing portfolio and expand sales throughout the global market using KPM’s existing sales network.

“It gives me tremendous pleasure that we could acquire Bruins Instruments,” said Morgan Jones, managing partner, Union Park. “For anyone who knew Hans Bruins, you know that he had a pride for his technology and a passion for his business which is seldom matched.  After years of building a relationship with the owners, we were honored that they would entrust us to shepherd their business after Hans passed away, and we will work tirelessly to advance the business to the potential that Hans and Ingrid had envisioned.”