RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL — Brazil exported a record 86.63 million tonnes of soybeans in 2021, compared to 82.3 million tonnes the previous year, the National Association of Cereal Exporters (ANEC) said in its Annual Export Report.

The association said that, of the total, almost 60 million tonnes were destined for China last year, the leading buyer of the commodity.

The association said Brazil’s soybean crop reached its highest-ever production in the 2020-21 season at 137.1 million tonnes. This led to a 6% increase in soybean exports compared to the previous period.

The previous export record was 83.78 million tonnes in 2018.

Brazil’s soybean exports have been on a steady rise since 2011, when the country shipped 32.976 million tonnes. Brazil has averaged 81.18 million tonnes of soybean exports annually since 2018.

In contrast, maize production was 85.8 million tonnes, approximately 18% lower in 2020-21 compared to the previous season. This led to a decrease in exports and consequently led Brazil to import 1.47 million tonnes to meet domestic demand.