DENVER, COLORADO, US —Greenfield Holdings, LLC announced on Dec. 15 that it has completed the acquisition of four grain elevators in Louisiana and Arkansas from subsidiaries of Agspring, LLC. The elevators, operated by Big River Rice & Grain, are located in Lake Providence and Crowville, Louisiana, US, and Parkdale and Dunn, Arkansas, US.

As part of this acquisition, Greenfield, said it is further developing its plans to build the country’s foremost integrated grain platform. With its operations centered in the Louisiana area, Greenfield said it will look to create new jobs and maintain current local jobs while significantly improving the ability of farmers across Louisiana and Arkansas to sell their grain in global markets.

Greenfield’s integrated distribution and logistics network also will include the previously announced project to construct and operate the first export grain elevator built in the US Gulf in over 40 years.

Greenfield Louisiana LLC, Baton Rouge, said the 248-acre export terminal would employ 60 people in barge, dock, rail, truck, storage, processing and elevator operations for wheat, corn and soybeans.

Greenfield Holdings, an agriculture infrastructure company, said the acquisitions will enable Greenfield to help US farmers lower their costs by directly connecting international grain buyers with US producers through an efficient and cost-effective infrastructure and logistics chain, simultaneously reducing the pressures to cut down rainforest land for agriculture in places like Brazil.

“We are excited to be bringing a world-class asset base into our company that will provide us with immediate access to the US farmer and provide them with unparalleled access to the international markets,” said Adam Johnson, chief executive officer of Greenfield. “We want to build a relationship with the local farmer and we’re putting down real roots in Arkansas and Louisiana.

“Our company is committed to maintaining a local-first policy and a close relationship with our neighbors. With these acquisitions, we are dedicated to maintaining a strong, local job base and the assets in Louisiana will provide immediate benefits to our export facility and the Louisiana local community.”