TILBURY, ENGLAND — Sixteen months after a massive explosion caused major damage, the Port of Tilbury reached a significant milestone with the construction of 10 new giant metal grain silos at the UK’s largest grain terminal.

Construction on the 10 silos began earlier this year and was completed at the end of November. The silos are 30 meters tall and have a total combined capacity of 20,000 tonnes, according to the Forth Ports Group, which operates the port. The silos also feature an independent transfer and reclaim system, which boosts health and safety standards. The silos will be back in operation for the 2022 harvest.

Meanwhile, demolition of the damaged concrete silos at the terminal also is complete. The port said it will hire a contractor to replace the concrete silos for a return to full operations in 2023, restoring the original storage capacity of 135,000 tonnes. The Tilbury grain terminal handles more than 2 million tonnes of grain, wheat, barley and beans annually.

“The sight of the completed 10 new grain silos at the grain terminal is great to see,” said Peter Ward, commercial director at The Port of Tilbury. “The terminal is a key facility in the southeast of England and an essential part of the UK agricultural supply chain for imports and exports.

“These new metal silos will be ready for the 2022 harvest and once the concrete silo is rebuilt, the terminal will be back to full capacity on one site. Although there has been no interruption to our service throughout the rebuild, we would like to thank our customers for supporting us during this difficult period as we rebuild the facility.”

The Tilbury grain terminal also operates a monthly coastal shipping service from Tilbury to its sister port in Kirkcaldy, Scotland for Carr’s Milling. MBN