CALGARY, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA — CP expects service will be restored by mid-week on its corridor between Kamloops and Vancouver, following a rainstorm that caused landslides and other issues in the area.

CP said progress is being made with 20 separate sections of track across the region cleaned or repaired. Barring any unforeseen issues, the railroad expected service to be restored mid-week.

The rainstorm closed all three rail lines into the Port of Vancouver, which has had significant negative impacts on grain and other supply chains, the Vancouver Sun reported.

As of Nov. 19, there were 20 vessels waiting for deliveries with a couple of hundred thousand tonnes of grain stuck in transit.

The disruption at the port comes at the busiest time for grain shipping and when the global supply chains already are suffering from congestion and backlogs.

Grain stored at the port is expected to run out over the next few days, the newspaper said.

CP said it is working with local and British Columbia authorities to coordinate the delivery of critical materials, equipment, food and fuel as CP crews work to restore service.

That includes with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to assist in getting highways reopened as soon as it is safe to do so, CP said.