LAGOS, NIGERIA — Olam and its subsidiary Crown Flour Mill Ltd. have set up a community seed enterprise to increase wheat production in Nigeria, Vanguard Newspapers reported.

The 10-year project will strengthen agricultural production in northern Nigeria and support Olam’s commitment to the country’s goal of food self-sufficiency.

The project was a result of consultations with key stakeholders following Olam’s Green Land Webinar series held in March.

Partners in the project include the Lake Chad Research Institute and Filippo M. Bassi, PhD, senior scientist, durum wheat breeder of the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas.

A trial of new heat-tolerant varieties of wheat and improved agronomic practices will be used to directly engage farmers. The project also will engage at least 10 female farmers’ associations. They will produce and make available high-value seeds to farmers in their local communities.

The associations will be trained in the most advanced agronomic practices for wheat cultivation.