SPRINGFIELD, OHIO, US — Sweet’s new website gives users an in-depth look at its CalorMatic Heat Processor.

“Here at Sweet Manufacturing, we are proud to showcase our products and, most importantly, our results,” said Austin Parkison, marketing specialist at Sweet Manufacturing. “Our goal is to provide our customers as much information as possible and give them peace of mind before purchasing. With the recent addition of the CalorMatic Test Site here in Springfield, Ohio, we have positioned ourselves to test various products while recording the results to showcase on our new online CalorMatic Test Library.”

New tools and information aim to increase the understanding of the many benefits that the CalorMatic Heat Processor provides. For example, a user can see how the Heat Processor can improve profits by using the online calculator.

The new online Test Library includes various materials the company has experience in processing and includes lab results and reports. The library will continuously grow with any new information obtained from the Test Site.

Through the website, it is also possible to schedule a material test by completing an online form.

This page includes all information regarding how Sweet will test the materials using its CalorMatic Test Site, along with the type of results that can be expected.

“We are proud of the results of our work, and we want you to see them yourself,” said Julio Contreras, vice president of sales.