BREVARD, NORTH CAROLINA, US — In an effort to help with increasing hunger and malnutrition due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Transylvania Vocational Services (TVS) has increased its plant capacity and production of its corn and soybean cereal blend.

“As a supplier of further processed grain based and dairy commodities to USDA, USAID, and the US Military, TVS is pleased to announce a significant increase in plant capacity to process and package SuperCereal Plus,” said Steve Green, vice president of operations for TVS, a food manufacturing facility on the East Coast of the United States. “This was made possible by forming a strategic alliance with grain suppliers in the US Midwest along with extensive engineering studies and capital investments in high-speed processing and packaging equipment.”

The expansion has supported the production of SuperCereal Plus (SCP) with an overall increase of 55%. TVS has produced and packaged about 13 million pounds of the cereal to help in global hunger assistance efforts.

SCP is specially formulated so that when it is combined with fresh drinking water it helps provide complete nutrition for children ages 6 to 24 months.

“Following 10 years of direct product experience and newly increased plant capacity, we are prepared to support USAID feed programs for another decade,” Green said.

Over the years, many regions of Africa, Haiti and various other areas of the world have received TVS's SuperCereal Plus nutritional assistance.

“TVS’s SuperCereal Plus business and our assistance with international hunger relief is something that we’re particularly proud of as an organization,” said Jamie Brandenburg, chief executive officer of TVS. “We worked with the USAID and the World Food Programme to aid in the formulation and development of this complete nutritional supplement, and we fully support our partners as they respond to global hunger relief efforts during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.”