MILFORD, INDIANA, US – Construction has begun for a multi-phase renovation by CTB, Inc., at its Milford, Indiana, manufacturing and office headquarters. Three years of planning followed by three months of demolition work has been completed to clear the way for construction of the new facility.

“This renovation project adds significant improvements to the CTB Milford campus for our employees and business operations,” said Victor A. Mancinelli, chairman and chief executive officer for CTB, who was part of a ground-breaking ceremony on Sept. 29. “It includes a number of facility upgrades ranging from telecommunications and computer networking infrastructure improvements to large and small group employee meeting spaces.

“Many of these facility and equipment upgrades have been designed around helping CTB to attract, train and retain the employee talent we need to achieve our goals as a company. As a manufacturer, we are privileged and uniquely positioned to carry out our mission to serve the agricultural community and assist farmers worldwide with the vital job of feeding a hungry world.”

The conference center serves CTB’s Chore-Time, Brock and PigTek divisions, and will enable the company to better host in-person and virtual large employee and corporate meetings, distributor network conferences and training events. CTB is investing approximately $20 million to renovate 38,000 square feet (3,500 square meters) of its existing Chore-Time facility on the east side of State Road 15, north of Milford.

Mancinelli noted the revitalized facility is aimed at enhancing the overall employee experience and includes a new, comfortable Chore-Time break room and a commons area. The commons area features indoor and outdoor spaces created for employees to have meals, socialize and recharge.

Beth Cripe, CTB project manager, emphasized the new conference and training center will accommodate events for up to 400 people and uses the latest meeting and presentation technology. It will incorporate corporate information technology (IT) training areas and workplaces along with new corporate advertising and communications offices. The facility also will house an up-to-date tool and die production area for Chore-Time’s manufacturing technical services team.

The revitalized area replaces part of the Chore-Time office and manufacturing facility that dates to the early years of the nearly 70-year-old company. A facade renovation around the entire existing Chore-Time manufacturing facility will complete the project.

The new facility is expected to become operational in the second quarter of 2023. The original completion date of 2022 was revised in anticipation of ongoing supply chain challenges that include steel availability, delivery dates and cost. Labor availability across all trades also continues to impact the construction industry.

The project is being financed in part through the aid of a 10-year tax phase-in with the maximum 100% deduction schedule. The phase-in was recommended by the Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation (KEDCO) and Milford Redevelopment Commission and granted by the Milford Town Council. The package will provide an estimated $2 million in tax savings.

“On behalf of our economic development partners, we applaud the entire CTB team for this investment in their headquarters campus,” said Alan Tio, chief executive officer of KEDCO. “This investment is literally changing the face of the northern gateway into the Town of Milford and Kosciusko County. We are thrilled the leaders of CTB are committed to moving forward with this project to revitalize the conference center and related spaces at the company’s Milford facility.”