WILLIAMSBURG, IOWA, US — Kinze Manufacturing is giving its entire grain cart lineup a “sleek, new makeover.”

The Williamsburg-based equipment supplier on Aug. 31 announced it is “expanding and enhancing” its line of dual auger grain carts for the 2022 harvest season. The enhancements and a new grain cart model are being unveiled at the 2021 Farm Progress Show being held Aug. 31 - Sept. 2 in Decatur, Illinois, US.  

Among Kinze’s new offerings for the 2022 harvest season is the dual auger Harvest Commander 1121 model, which can hold 1,100 bushels. According to Kinze, key features of the dual auger include optional long-life Camso tracks, an on-demand horizontal auger drive, and dump door cleanout for easy and quick crop changeover. It also incorporates directional tip control and a low profile with short sides for operating on rolling terrain, the company said.

Kinze said the new cart is a throwback to its 1050 model, which was discontinued in 2012 but was extremely popular because of its sturdy design, ease of use and dependability.

“The 1121 is a high-value, optimally sized grain cart that delivers efficient grain handling with low cost of ownership,” said Susanne Veatch, president of Kinze. “Its durable construction, minimum driveline complexity providing operator convenience and low-maintenance track system are designed to provide farmers with a smooth and uninterrupted harvest.”

Other features of the 1121 model include improved cleanout, auger spout grain control and upgraded lighting, Kinze said. These updates also have been incorporated into Kinze’s existing lineup of dual auger carts. Those have been given new model numbers — the 1321, 1421, 1521 and 1721 — which, along with the 1121, reflect Kinze’s new product numbering system. The first two digits represent hundreds of bushels, the third digit indicates single or dual auger, and the final number is the model generation, the company said.

Kinze also announced that beginning in 2022, all Kinze single and dual auger carts will carry the Harvest Commander name, as did the former 1050 model. The carts also will feature a new look, maintaining the classic Kinze blue color but with enhanced graphics, repositioning the Kinze name and adding to the back of the carts the iconic Kinze Man character that was introduced in the company’s early years.

Kinze said the new makeover coincides with the 50th anniversary of the company’s first grain cart, which was introduced in 1971 by company founder Jon Kinzenbaw.