TOLEDO, OHIO, US — A project created to revitalize the ADM grain silo facility in Toledo is taking shape thanks to the vision of artist Gabe Gault and Urban Sight, the nonprofit overseeing the project, which is known as the Glass City River Wall.

Located on the east bank of the Maumee River, ADM’s grain silo facility is visible from Interstate-75, the Maumee River and downtown Toledo. Gault is seeking to convert the 170,000-square-foot western side of the facility into the largest mural in the United States, a project that ADM said will require about 5,000 gallons of paint. The project includes the 28 silos south of the facility office.

“I want to tell a story that is colorful, bold, simple and readable,” Gault said. “My objective is to offer both an origin story, which honors the original farmers of the region, as well as providing an inspirational image for the future: a cornucopia of abundance and prosperity which speaks to ADM’s corporate governance and philanthropic contributions.”

Painters have been working on the mural since June 1, adorning the silos with sunflowers and sunchokes. The three largest silos are expected to feature a mother, child and grandmother, representing the region’s first farmers.

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