INKERMAN, ONTARIO, CANADA — Sevita International Corp., a Canadian owned and operated soybean company, has announced it will invest more than C$3.6 million to build a new soybean processing facility in Inkerman. According to Sevita, the new facility will be designed to allow the processing and packaging of both seed and food-grade soybeans in the same plant.

Sevita said it is seeking to expand its seed business in Eastern Ontario by about 50%, and the new facility will lower production costs and improve quality. The plan is expected to feature innovative equipment that warms seeds to extend the seed processing and treating season, a design feature that Sevita claims no other seed plant in Ontario currently has.

 “To become Canada’s leading provider of food-grade soybeans to the world, Sevita International collaborates with local resources such as our local growers, other partners and our highly valued employees to develop, grow and provide the finest soybean varieties that supply the growing global demand for high quality Canadian soybean products,” said Bob Hart, senior vice president of operations at Sevita. “We are thrilled to partner with the Eastern Ontario Regional Development team to create both a local and global win, win situation.”

The Eastern Ontario Development Fund will provide $500,000 to support the expansion, which will create 7 jobs and retain 28.