BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — Argentina’s Bahia Blanca grain port returned to normal operations on Aug. 5 after five days of disruptions due to a truckers’ protest that included roadblocks, Reuters reported.

The protest, which kept grains cargoes from entering the terminal, could resume in 72 hours if the truckers’ demands, which include higher wages, aren’t met, Carlos Sosa, a member of the board of the Bahia Blanca Port Management Consortium told Reuters.

The port, located in southern part of the Buenos Aires province, is used by major grain exporters such as Archer Daniels Midland Co., Cargill and Louis Dreyfus.

Argentina is already dealing with export challenges as low water levels on the Parana River are forcing grain exporters to reduce the size of their cargo.

Argentina is the world’s leading exporter of soybean oil and soymeal and is also among the world’s top corn and soybean exporters.