MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, U.S. — MGEX announced on Jan. 3 that total hard red spring wheat (HRSW) futures and options trading volume reached 1,775,646 contracts, the second highest annual volume in the 130-year history of MGEX, and a 3% increase over 2010.

Nine of the top 25 record volume days occurred in 2011. There were four months in 2011 which reached the monthly top 25.

There were 1,732,331 futures contracts traded in 2011, the second highest annual spring wheat futures volume in MGEX history. Annual trading of HRSW options contracts increased 34% over 2010, and HRSW futures trading grew 2% when compared to 2010.

In December, 68,057 HRSW futures contracts traded. Total volume of HRSW futures and options was 68,231.