MEXICO CITY, MEXICO, US — Martin Kropff, current director general of International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), has been named global director of Resilient Agrifood Systems of CGIAR.

In this role Kropff will help CGIAR transition to the new structure and implement the CGIAR 2030 research and innovation strategy. He will be based in Montpellier, France. 

“We congratulate Kropff on his new position,” said Nicole Birrell, the board of trustees outgoing chair for CIMMYT. “We are convinced that he will bring to CGIAR the same excellence in science, innovation and effective management that he brought to CIMMYT.”

The board of trustees also appointed a director general ad interim to CIMMYT, Bram Govaerts. 

He joined CIMMYT in 2007 and is chief operating officer and deputy general for research ad interim. He is also the director of integrated development program for CIMMYT. 

Govaerts has experience bringing together multi-disciplinary science and development teams to integrate sustainable, multi-stakeholder and sector strategies that generate innovation and change in agri-food systems. 

“On behalf of the full board, we want to thank Govaerts for his leadership and willingness to ensure that the center, our research and our operations continue to run smoothly to serve our mandate and mission, as well as the broader One CGIAR vision,” said Margaret Bath, the board of trustees incoming chair for CIMMYT.

Govaerts is the ninth director general to serve since CIMMYT was founded in 1966.

“The world needs CIMMYT and our mission now more than ever, to respond to the challenges that are ahead,” Govaerts said. “We are ready to take up this role, as CIMMYT has done ever since Norman Borlaug and his talented team started their work in the service of the poorest. Let us continue celebrating his legacy by generating further impact through our science.”