ALMATY, KAZAKHSTAN — Kazakhstan’s drought-challenged 2021 wheat crop will be boosted by high stocks and Russian grain imports, Reuters reported. 

The country has experienced dry, hot weather in recent weeks and plans to prohibit rye exports and limit barley and wheat exports for feed use for six months beginning Aug. 15. 

Kazakhstan, one of the largest grain producers in Central Asia, decreased its wheat 2021 wheat output estimate to 11.9 million tonnes from 13 million tonnes. The country harvested 13.66 million tonnes of wheat in 2020.

Viktor Aslanov, the head of Kazakhstan’s Grains and Oilseeds research bureau, told Reuters: “One should not look only at production. The supply will not change significantly year on year.”

By Sept. 1, Aslanov expects Kazakhstan to have about 1.3 million tonnes in stocks and to import about 2 million tonnes of wheat from Russia this year, creating a total supply of 12.7 million tonnes for 2021.

The push for restrictions on wheat exports has received mixed reviews. Kazakhstani grain millers have inquired that the government implement export duties on wheat while Kazakhstan's Grain Union has urged for no intervention for fear of losing traditional Central Asian markets, Reuters reported.