PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA — South African corn production is anticipated to drop in the 2021-22 marketing year due to a second consecutive bumper crop in the previous marketing year, according to a Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) report from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

South Africa produced its second largest corn crop in the 2020-21 marketing year with a total of 16.82 million tonnes, which lowered domestic prices and the USDA’s estimate for the 2021-22 marketing year. Corn production is expected to drop 9% to 15 million tonnes as producers contemplate planting corn.

Despite a forecasted production decline, the country is expected remain a net exporter of corn in the 2021-22 marketing year of about two million tonnes, as supplies will exceed domestic demand. The USDA expects consumption of the commodity is forecast to total 11.8 million tonnes in the 2021-22 marketing year.