MALMÖ, SWEDEN — Grain quality sorting company BoMill AB has announced it is developing high-capacity sorting equipment that is capable of sorting up to 15 tonnes of grains per hour. The new equipment is set to launch in the second quarter of 2022.

BoMill said its new patented sorting technology is built on near-infrared technology in transmittance mode (NIR-T).

“Using this technology, the grains are sorted according to the kernels’ internal qualities, such as occurrence of toxins or protein content,” BoMill said. “Compared to traditional optical sorting, this technology results in fractions of grains with unique and more homogeneous qualities. This sorting procedure, based on internal qualities of the kernel, makes industrial processes more efficient and allows for less waste.”

Andreas Jeppsson, chief executive officer of BoMill, said the company completed tests confirming the principles of its high-capacity solution.

 “We are convinced that this solution will make a significant difference in the market, making our new sorting technology available on a larger scale than before,” Jeppsson said. “Having a high capacity is important for industrial players, and this is where our new solution will meet the market demands.”

BoMill said the new high-capacity equipment is flexible and scalable in terms of capacity, with an attractive total cost of ownership for customers. Additionally, the equipment is designed with customer utility in mind and fits into the workflows of large production sites.

Sustainability also was a factor in development of the new equipment, BoMill said.

“Avoiding food waste and increasing food safety are two crucial areas for sustainable population growth, globally,” Jeppsson said. “In the end, with our solution, every grain can be used for what its best suited for.”