CREMONA, ITALY — Ocrim and AGCO signed a collaboration agreement that will simplify the turnkey process by giving customers one point of contract for their projects.

It brings together the seed, grain and food industry expertise of AGCO’s Cimbria and GSI brands and Ocrim’s food milling capabilities.

It also gives customers seamless access to Cimbria and Ocrim equipment and GSI’s leading grain storage, material handling, conditioning and management solutions.

“The world is changing and today’s developed market is no longer seeking a conventional technology provider,” said Alberto Antolini, chief executive officer of Ocrim. “Customers want a reliable partner capable of offering and delivering multiple tailor-made solutions. I strongly believe that the future is projected toward a ‘Farm to Fork’ solution, and this partnership is the pillar of such philosophy.”

The collaboration delivers added value solutions to organizations serving the global milling sector. The need for milling infrastructure is growing due to increasing demand for flour, especially in developing regions, such as Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. Growth of gluten-free products and higher per-capita consumption of flour in the United States and Europe is also driving demand.

“We are delighted about this collaboration, which will help drive productivity for our customers, improve food security and sustainability,” said Stefan Caspari, senior vice president, AGCO Grain and Protein. “The agreement will enable the delivery of integrated customer solutions, customizable based on their needs and supported with best-in-class technology for the milling business.”