HIROSHIMA, JAPAN – Satake has announced the debut of its latest optical sorter, NIRAMI, which is larger and features increased sorting capacity.

Satake said the NIRAMI is designed to efficiently sort grains, pulses, seeds and many other products. With various sizes available, all featuring extra wide chutes and flexible configurations, Nirami ideally suits a wide variety of applications and processing capacities, the company noted.

Newly designed optics detect and distinguish subtle color differences utilizing RGB full color cameras, and with the addition of optional infrared (IR) cameras, inorganic foreign material is also rejected.

Nirami also incorporates shape recognition technology to sort the material by shape, such as broken or adhered, which conventional color sorters could not achieve. Its new responsive reject ejection system and Satake's latest image processing technology guarantees the maximum product purity with minimum loss of good material.

Satake said the result of these features is β€œan extremely accurate and controllable sort to ensure clean and safe finished product.”

NIRAMI features an open frame which allows for easy cleaning to prevent cross contamination and convenient access for maintenance. Its large LED operation indicator allows the operators to see the machine status at a glance.

The NIRAMI also features Satake's unique 3S software for simple intuitive set up and adjustment to maximize performance, profitability and fast return on investment. Optional remote access via secure internet connection allows the flexibility to monitor performance and provide diagnostic support.

Satake said NIRAMI will provide solutions to processors seeking excellence in consistent reliable product quality.

SATAKE will exhibit grain processing equipment at Cereals 2021, starting on June 30, in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom.

Cereals is the UK's technical event for the arable industry. Due to COVID-19, last year's physical event was canceled but the virtual went ahead. This year, Cereals returns to Lincolnshire field to have exhibitors demonstrate their latest advancements and new product launches.

Among the items to be exhibited will be Satake's Pikasen FMS-2000 series, compact optical sorter, featuring full RGB cameras, shape recognition technology, and Satake 3S intuitive software, making it ideal for removal of defects and foreign materials from grains and seeds.