FELIZZANO, ITALY — Molini Valente-Nova SpA. recently tested a 3-tph line, supplied by Ocrim, for storing, transporting and dosing of different types of cereals and derivatives to obtain special flours.

The special flours are used for the production of trendy food products. The facility also is equipped for stone grinding. Andre Valente, chairman of Molini, wanted the project in order to meet the complex and varied demands of the world’s top players in the food market.

Ocrim has a 20-year history with Molini, having built a 400-tpd wheat milling facility in Felizzano, Italy, in 1998.

The new integrated line, which, if requested, feeds the existing plant, makes it possible to obtain numerous types of flours and assimilated products. It also includes the stone milling system, BioStoneMill.

For this new plant, Molini Valente decided to modernize the existing mill automation system and integrate it with the company’s IT systems. However, the real revolution with regard to automation concerns the new line, since Ocrim’s managment@mill package has been chosen, to provide traceability of every material/product batch.

“In 2009, we started researching and developing innovative flours and in 2011 we developed our Vitala line, which now includes blends of different cereals, herbs, spices and algae: they are natural ingredients for a market increasingly oriented toward healthy products,” Valente said. “Therefore, the need to develop, with our partner Ocrim, new plants, which, interfaced with each other and connected to the new state-of-the-art thermo-treatment plant, now make it possible for us to produce larger quantities, with more flexibility and guarantee and safety for our customers, who can count on a wide option of product differentiation in complete safety. We are satisfied with Ocrim’s immense dedication to achieve its goals.”

Alberto Antolini, chief executive officer of Ocrim, said the company promised Molini Valente’s top management maximum commitment to enable them to strengthen their presence in the complex trendy food market.

“We made a similar promise more than 20 years ago when we built the milling plant, as a result of which Molini Valente is considered one of the leading players in the market of traditional flours,” Antolini said. “Therefore, we are confident that, thanks to this new project, in the near future, it will be possible to say that Molini Valente has constructively and rapidly broadened its horizons and conquered the market of alternative flours.”