FOSTORIA, OHIO, US — Mennel Milling is expanding its packaging capabilities by offering small pack flour sizes.

In addition to the company’s 25-, 40-, and 50-pound bags, bulk trailer, and rail car-sized order options, Mennel Milling’s flour is now available in 2-, 5-, 10- and 25-pound bags.

Small pack products are available in most flour varieties, including soft, hard, spring, and organic wheat flour, custom blends, and thermally processed and ready-to-eat flour.

Due to recent shortage of family-sized flour, Mennel Milling said it expanded its packaging capabilities to meet the changing needs of its customers and consumers.

Operating for more than 130 years, Mennel Milling is the seventh largest flour milling company in the North America with a daily production capacity of 68,000 cwts, according to Sosland Publishing Company’s 2020 Grain & Milling Annual. Its flour mills are located in Mount Olive, Illinois; Dowagiac, Michigan; Fostoria, Ohio; Logan, Ohio; Bucyrus, Ohio; and Roanoke, Virginia.