DENVER, COLORADO, US — Ardent Mills has introduced a new selection of specialty ingredients in a variety of packaging sizes and formats for foodservice and bakery distributors.  

Gluten-free flour blends are available in one-to-one all-purpose flour and pizza flour. They come in 5-lb standup resealable bags and 25-lb bags. Quinoa seeds are offered in 4-lb standup resealable bags and 25-lb bags in the following varieties: Colorado white, Colorado tricolor, organic South American white, organic South American black, organic South American red and organic South American tricolor. Specialty ingredients available in 25-lb and 50-lb bags and totes include chickpea flour, organic spelt flour and organic farro (spelt) berries.

The resealable packaging and bag sizes are designed specifically to work in back-of-house operations, which helps to reduce food waste, provides a longer shelf life, and protects against the elements and cross-contamination within restaurants, according to Denver-based Ardent Mills.

“Ardent Mills takes a people-first approach in everything that we do, and we understand that foodservice and bakery operators are faced with exceptionally challenging times right now,” said Angie Goldberg, chief growth officer for Ardent Mills. “We designed this new line to help support our foodservice customers’ innovation and help them stay ahead in an ever-changing market. We’re excited to offer them profitable ingredient solutions that help meet consumer demand for plant-based and specialty ingredients.”