BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA —Overloaded with grain products and challenged with shallow waters at the Port of Rosario’s export hub seven grain ships are expected to be towed free following the end of a strike by port workers, Reuters reported.

Tugboat captains and other port workers went on strike to be classified as essential workers and qualify for the COVID-19 vaccine. The workers agreed to resume work but are threatening another strike if demands are not met, Reuters said.

Six of the seven stranded ships were loaded with soymeal, corn and other farm products but were unable to leave once loaded as the water was too shallow and ships were overloaded.

The water levels of the Parna River continue to decline creating shipping challenges for Argentina, Reuters said. Dry weather has caused shallowness in the river causing ships to be underloaded in order to navigate the river. Meteorologists do not expect the water levels to improve in the short term.

Guillermo Wade, manager of Argentina’s Chamber of Port and Maritime Activities (CAPyM), told Reuters that the ships will be towed to the main channel of the Parna River and be able to sail past Buenos Aires and onto the Atlantic Ocean.

To help circumvent low water level issues in the Parna River, Paraguay and Brazil agreed to release water from the Itaipu dam.