CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, US — REMBE’s ELEVENT is a pressure and vacuum relief valve that provides optimum protection against overpressure and vacuum for storage tanks with low design pressures.

The extremely low leak-rate (1x 10-2 mbar x l/sec) guarantees a controlled level of pressure in the tank and prevents both the loss of nitrogen and air entering the system.

Edible oils such as palm, soy and coconut oils are frequently used in the manufacturing of processed foods.

One of the main challenges for the use of such oil in food production is maintaining quality and shelf-life. Oxidation is a chemical reaction caused by exposing the oil to oxygen which, in turn, causes the oil to turn rancid, changing its color, flavor and aroma. This can occur during processing such as deep fat frying or during the normal storage of such oils. There are a number of methods to avoid oxidation of edible oils but blanketing storage vessels with an inert gas like nitrogen is a popular choice to prevent the oil being exposed to oxygen and avoiding the use of chemical antioxidants.

High-quality materials of construction (316 Stainless Steel as a minimum) mean that it is ideal for sanitary and food grade applications. The ELEVENT can be installed via tri-clamp connections and the modular construction facilitates easy dismantling for cleaning.